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You work hard to generate revenue in your business. You are busy marketing, selling, and serving your clients and customers. And after all that hard work … isn’t it painful to then pay as much as a THIRD of your hard-earned revenue in taxes every year?

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The truth is that simple restructuring could save you thousands of dollars year after year – and you hardly need to change how you run your day-to-day business operations. You see, when you became an entrepreneur, you were focused on delivering excellent services and products to your clients and customers. Then you probably focused on learning how to market, sell and run your business. In the middle of learning how to do all that, you probably never learned how to financially structure your business for optimal tax savings.

I’m here to help!

My passion is helping you save as much money as you possibly can on your taxes – while still running your business and your life the way you want to! Your first step towards more tax savings is to sign up for my absolutely free video training “Three Tax Savings Strategies for Entrepreneurs.”

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Strategic Tax Consulting

Let’s find out how we can save you money on your taxes just through simple changes within the financial structure of your business. Depending on how your business is currently structured, we may be able to save you anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 on your annual tax bill!

In this two-hour consultation, held conveniently on the telephone or via Skype, I will examine your prior year’s tax return so that we can save you money next April … and keep saving you money every year after that, as well!

You’ll of course be responsible for implementing the changes that will save you money – but usually these can be made simply and quickly, without affecting your day-to-day business operations or spending.

Is Strategic Tax Consulting a fit for you?

Fill out my application for a free Tax Consultation to find out! If you’re a candidate and I think I can save you significantly on your taxes next year, I will contact you and we’ll get together for a brief free conversation and get started!

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