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You work hard to generate revenue in your business. You are busy marketing, selling, and serving your clients and customers. And after all that hard work … isn’t it painful to then pay as much as a THIRD of your hard-earned revenue in taxes every year?

We want you to keep MORE of your revenue year after year, legally. Get started now by starting your Tax Strategy Survey now.

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Save $40k more over the next 5 years, an extra $8000 per year!


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Eliminate headaches around annual and quarterly tax filings


Peace of mind about your business and it’s tax responsibilities

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  • Strategy A – average client savings over $3000/year
  • Strategy B – average client savings over $5000/year
  • Strategy C – average client savings over $8000/year

Some may qualify to utilize more than one of these strategies to maximize savings!

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Cindy has been amazing with doing my taxes and educating me on what my deductions are, how to grow my business, ways to promote it thru social media, networking and so much more! She has also helped my family and friends… She is a truly amazing person and continues to better her knowledge to better serve all of us…Thanks Sweetie you are the best. – Brenda M. Lyons
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Cindy is my tax accountant and she is the best no if ands or buts about it. This woman knows taxes inside and out. Cindy will take away all your fears and worries related to taxes I guarantee it. Do yourself a favor and give her a call or send her a message she’ll take good care of you I’ll stake my reputation on it. – Eric Ratke
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I loved the background story, how brave. Without your guidance we would not have been brave. You touched our life. THANKS FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN OUR LIFE. – Jacque Kay

Strategic Tax Consulting:

Depending on how your business is currently structured, we may be able to save you anywhere from $3000 to $8000 every year on your tax bill!

In this 60-90 minute consultation, via phone or Skype, your dedicated tax consultant will examine your prior year’s tax return so that we can save you money next April … and keep saving you money year after year!

You are responsible for implementing the changes that will save you money – but these can be made simply and quickly, without affecting your day-to-day business operations or spending.

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